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Site rewards families for completing real-world chores

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HighScore House is encouraging families to set their own household challenges and rewards to make chores fun.

The gamification trend has already hit many aspects of offline life – mobile app Leap is one recent example from the US, allowing groups of friends to set themselves real-world challenges to win rewards. Now HighScore House has adapted it for the home, hoping to incentivise household tasks. The philosophy behind the website is that too many children have been brought up to enjoy playing in the virtual universes of computer games instead of reaping the benefits of real-world activities with meaningful outcomes. Noting the educative and social aspects of the structure of games, HighScore House is encouraging families to sign up and set their own household challenges and rewards. Users set the number of points each task is worth and how many are needed to win a reward. The idea is that family members become incentivised to perform activities offline to gain prizes – turning washing the dishes or walking the dog into a fun challenge instead of a boring chore. Players can see how they are doing online or through the available mobile app. Just as Leap enables groups of friends to create their own challenges, HighScore House adds an interesting layer of personalization to the gamification world. Could your customers become engaged by creating their own challenges to turn offline tasks into online rewards? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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