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Site gives tourists discounts for allowing it to choose destination

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GetGoing invites its users to enter the details of two holidays they would like to go on and offers savings for allowing it to decide which one they buy.

Just as our recent spotting Roadtrippers encourages drivers to be more willing to divert their route to find new experiences, another platform is also rewarding tourist flexibility. GetGoing encourages users to enter details of two holidays they would like to go on and offers savings as a reward for allowing the site to decide which one they buy. Members of the site first input the airport they will be flying from, the date of departure and return, desired flight times and number of changes. Then, instead of picking just one destination, a traveler wanting to head to Europe may choose both Paris and Rome as options, for example. The two itineraries, along with their prices, are displayed before the customer enters their card details. Once the payment is made, GetGoing lets them know which holiday they will be taking. The concept behind the site is to enable airlines to balance their flight capacities as they see fit – GetGoing diverts more flexible passengers onto the routes desired by travel companies. The consumer benefits by receiving up to a 40 percent discount on their purchase, as well as the thrill of a little gamble. Currently in private beta, GetGoing is not including fees for its service for those requesting an invite, however this will reportedly be the primary source of revenue when fully launched at the end of the summer. Spotted by:



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