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Site translates news into three levels of English proficiency

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News In Levels provides current affairs in English and in three levels of difficulty to help people learn.

We’ve already seen Duolingo provide a way for language students to learn by translating content for the web, but our latest spotting recognizes that it’s often too much of a challenge to throw people in at the deep end. News In Levels provides current affairs stories in English at three levels of difficulty to help people learn. The site features articles about recent news items featured in the English press to keep students up-to-date with English-speaking culture, with each item available in three difficulty levels. Beginners are advised to start with Level 1, which uses a limited vocabulary and contains a glossary at the end of each article to help readers understand difficult words and context. Words they should learn are repeated through the articles so that after a few months, readers should be familiar with a decent number of words and can move onto the next level. Each article is a short summary of the story, sometimes with a Youtube clip or the option to listen to the article being read aloud. The site claims that after one year, readers will have a vocabulary of 5,000 words under their belt. News In Levels recognizes that not everyone is at the same level of literacy when it comes to learning a foreign language and attempts to cater for everybody. Currently only in English, could this model work for learning other languages? Spotted by: Michal Hudeček



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