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Edible plastic

Six-pack ring feeds, rather than kills, marine life

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Florida’s Saltwater Brewery has created the world’s first sustainable, edible six-pack ring designed to save the lives of millions of sea creatures.

We’ve seen companies find ways to upcycle environmental pollution, such as this sea plastic furniture range and a recycled ocean plastic denim line. Working on the premise that preventing is better than curing, Florida-based Saltwater Brewery has produced a new six-pack ring made from wheat and barley beer production waste, which is completely biodegradable, compostable and most importantly, edible for marine life.

Plastic six-pack rings are a well-known hazard to marine life, and millions are discarded each year. Last year, half of more than six billion gallons of beer drank in the United States were from cans. By 2050, scientists predict that 99 percent of sea birds will have plastic in their stomachs. The brewery’s team says the main downside to producing the biodegradable rings is the cost. Currently in the process of patenting the product with a small group of social entrepreneurs in Mexico, the company is pushing for a grassroots uptake of the rings by small brewers. If it happens, the brewery hopes to eventually force the big beer producers to use the edible versions, if only to stay competitive in a more eco-conscious marketplace.

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