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Industry community for kids' products


Industry-specific social networks are something we’ve written about before, including FohBoh, which is dedicated to restaurateurs. Recently, though, we learned of another such vertical community that’s dedicated specifically to designers, makers, purveyors and others involved in children’s clothing and accessories. Based in New Zealand, Skout Trade Fair is an online community that aims to help those in the children’s products industry find each other and connect. To maintain the narrow industry focus, membership on the site is by invitation only, and only members can view its content. Participants can also lose their membership for engaging in unethical practices. Once granted membership, though, participants can join business forums, connect with other members, list events, upload photos of their work, join groups and contribute to blogs. A service called Skout Guide Dog is even available for mentoring, market research and consulting at a rate of NZD 85 per hour. Finally, members can also advertise on the site or join Skout Trade Fair’s Kid Products Directory for NZD 45 per year. Skout is built using the Ning platform—which stands ready and waiting to help you create a community of your own for the vertical of your choice. Time to bring the shop talk online! 😉



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