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Slovenian library creates surprise book packs based on genre

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The Ljubljana City Library in Slovenia recently ran a program offering packs of three books, curated by genre, to their visitors.

Last year we saw both people and dogs loaned out by libraries, but it would seem there’s still plenty that can still be done with books as well. Aiming to introduce more fun into library loaning, Ljubljana City Library (LCL) recently ran a program offering mystery packs of books to their customers. Those visiting the library had the option to check out one of an assortment of mystery packages containing three books wrapped in brown paper. A sticker on the front of each package signified which literary genre the books inside belonged to, and librarians were on hand to advise customers on which genre they might prefer. The parcels all contained one novel from a contemporary writer, one classic, and one “easy to read” novel. As libraries around the world begin to feel the strain caused by e-book popularity, this initiative offers a personal, curated touch, with a dose of mystery and fun thrown in to help attract customers. Libraries and educational institutions around the world, one to try out in your area? Spotted by: Matej Golob



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