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Smart alarm scares off porch pirates

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The Package Guard is a smart device that sets off an alarm if someone tries to intercept a delivery package.

In 2015, an estimated 23 million Americans had packages stolen from outside their homes by so-called ‘Porch Pirates’. Now a new device called The Package Guard could prevent such thefts by setting off a smart alarm whenever someone tries to intercept an undelivered package.

The Package Guard is a wireless, frisbee sized alarm that customers can place outside their front door when they have a package on the way. On arrival, the delivery driver places the package onto the device, which says ‘Place Package Here’ across the top surface. This action activates the device’s alarm. If all goes well, the owner simply disarms the alarm via a companion app on their smartphone using a pin code when they return home. However, if someone else removes the package before that is done, an alarm sounds and a notification is sent to the user via the app. Alerts can also be sent to designated friends and neighbors.


People with security cameras can also link the device up to their system and prompt the camera to take a photograph of the culprit. The Package Guard will soon be crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The device is expected to cost USD 49, although the company plan to give away free products to victims of porch theft.

How else could delivery options be made more secure?



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