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Smart rucksack

Smart backpack combines style and connectivity

Work & Lifestyle

Smart backpack features a wealth of connected qualities.

Connected products are often incorporated into fashion to improve user experience. For example, Springwise have spotted this adaptive sports bra in the past, or a smart hanger that helps you decide what to wear.

This backpack from Lumzag takes connectivity several steps further. Wireless charging means you can keep the batteries on your gadgets full on the go. The bag will also make sure you keep them with you by reminding you if you leave them behind or notifying you if someone else tries to open your bag. Users can also track Lumzag if they lose the bag itself.

That’s not even all of the features. The inside also lights up in the dark, so you can easily find your belongings. The back view camera also allows you to see what’s behind you on your phone. Not only is this anti-theft protection, it can also be useful for cyclists for changing lanes. On top of everything else, the bag also has its own WiFi network.

Lumzag is made of high-quality carbon fibre and leather. The first prototype was show at CES 2018 and is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The backpack is available for USD 269, and the design also comes in a crossbody and messenger bag style.




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