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Smart backpack

Smart backpack knows when something is left behind

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A smart backpack that uses IoT tags and an app to keep tabs on users’ belongings.

The growing IoT network is making the world a much more connected place, and we’ve seen how IoT networks can be applied to everyday situations — a previous example being a set of bluetooth smart tags that help users find their keys and other essentials. Using a similar approach is Colombia-based Totto, which has designed a backpack that alerts users to forgotten items.

The T-Track backpack is a connected transporting device designed for modern lifestyles. Powered by a chargeable pack, which also functions as a charging USB port, T-Track has a Bluetooth-enabled ‘brain’. This connects to a collection of smart tags attached to the user’s items. The brain will therefore detect if these items are in proximity. If one of them is too far away, the backpack will vibrate to let them know something’s missing. Users register items through the associated app for iPhone or Android devices, where users can create groups of items for different contexts, such as the gym or work, with the app informing users of exactly what item is missing. T-Track is also trackable through a GPS signal in the app should users forget the backpack itself. T-Track also features a range of ergonomic and practical extras, such as hidden pockets and hard casings.

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, T-Track should launch the early bird backpacks, available as a perk for a USD 99 contribution, by late 2017. How else could smart tags and other IoT objects alter users’ everyday environments?




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