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Smart beer tap speeds up service and improves efficiency

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Pubinno’s connected Taptronics beer taps use touch screens to speed up serving time, provide the perfect amount of foam in each glass and track sales.

Designed for business owners wanting to make the most of every drop in each keg, Pubinno’s smart beer tap system, Taptronics, is fully customizable and easy to use. Using an online tutorial video, the new taps can replace traditional ones in less than half an hour. Once installed, the settings can be customized for each beer and specific business requirements. With one tap on the screen, bar staff can guarantee perfectly poured pints.

Each transaction is sent wirelessly from the taps, helping managers and owners minimize waste and more easily oversee sales. The online management dashboard provides up-to-date information for the entire business and tracks stock for both quantity and quality. The temperature and pressure of each keg is closely monitored, making it easier to schedule maintenance and refills, and a mobile application is in development.

Brewers have introduced a number of innovations recently, including an underground beer pipeline and AI-interpreted crowdsourced brewing recipes. How else could craft makers use technology to increase efficiency and personalize products?



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