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Madillo | Photo source Design by Lukas Franz

Smart bike helmet can detect accidents and change shape

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The Madillo helmet automatically adjusts to fit your head and can call for an ambulance if you need help

Spotted: German-based designer Lukas Franz has created a helmet that can detect collisions and call an ambulance if, say, one were to get into a cycling accident. Known as the Madillo, it is made of auxetic material to provide more protection and a better fit for its wearer.

Auxetic material hardens when stretched. When combined with tiny motors, the material allows the helmet to change shape to fit a rider’s head.

The Madillo helmet also includes smart sensors and LEDs weaved into the design. That allows it to shine if the wearer breaks or changes direction. It also becomes a distress signal if the wearer gets hurt. If it senses that the rider has been in a collision and needs help, it can call an ambulance. It then transmits its location until help arrives.

Plus, it looks good: the Madillo helmet recently won an iF Design Talent Award.



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