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Smart blinds generate electricity using solar energy


SolarGaps blinds are a green energy solution for renters and those looking for a solar panel alternative.

SolarGaps is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for its eponymous smart blinds, which automatically move with the sun and generate electricity from its energy. After plugging in the SolarGaps blinds, solar energy starts to power all devices in the user’s home, and it can even store power to use as an emergency power supply. Users can monitor and control their SolarGaps blinds from anywhere in the world using its linked smartphone app, and excess electricity can be sent back through the grid so users can sell energy back to their power company.

SolarGaps generate up to 100 watts of energy per hour for every square meter when mounted outside, and up to 50 watt per hour per square meter when fitted inside. For example, a three-room apartment with windows facing south could produce up to 600 watts of energy per hour, or around 4 kilowatts per day. In an office or retail space up to ten times more could be generated. In addition to a smart energy solution and a shade from the sun, the blinds can also be used to protect windows during bad weather.

Environmentally friendly solutions around the home are more popular than ever, with the smart home initiative that monitors water usage and portable, smart solar panels that look like flowers both going on sale in recent months. What is the next gap in the market that will be filled by a green at-home solution?

Image source: SolarGaps




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