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Smart box wants users to take control of their health


Vie’s creation requires users to place their hand in a box to measure their heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels.

UK-based health company Vie has created a smart box device that could provide users with an early warning about the onset of chronic diseases. By simply placing a hand within the device, it can provide readings on heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, and blood oxygen. The box uses PPG, ECG, optical pressure sensors and a spectrometer for accuracy, connecting to the platform via the user’s home Wi-fi.

Users place their hand in the box and press against a cartridge. Using a vacuum, it draws three drops of blood serum from the layer of skin that doesn’t contain nerves, so there is no pain. The box then produces tailored results within seconds, which links to a mobile app that can be used to define goals, see progress and learn more about your individual body and health needs. Users can also choose to share their data with doctors to ask questions and get advice. The device claims to detect 80 percent of chronic diseases, and costs GBP 299. The subscription is GBP 29 a month and an extra GBP 10 for each additional individual added, the user can add to their subscription for the weekly cartridges. It is set to begin shipping in February 2018.

Technology and the health industry go hand-in-hand as the public becomes more conscious about tracking their health and fitness. A smart ring that tracks vitamin D levels and a fitness wearable that monitors hydration levels via the skin are more examples of how the two industries have collided. Would you entrust your health and fitness statistics to technology?




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