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Smart video camera automatically edits footage into just the good bits

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Graava is an action camera, which uses sensors — including a heart rate monitor — to automatically edit footage and show the most exciting parts.

Anyone with a smartphone or GoPro can now capture the highlights of their day at the touch of a button. But the endless stream of mundane videos on most people’s hard drives would suggest that we aren’t necessarily the best judges of what will make riveting footage. Taking that responsibly out of the user’s incapable hands is the Graava camera, which uses a combination of sensors — including a heart rate monitor that automatically notes the wearer’s changing emotions — and uses that information to automatically edit footage into the best clips.


Graava is an action camera complete with motion, audio, accelerometer and gyro sensors. It can be programmed to be activated by voice or using the wearable heart rate sensor, enabling users to control it hands free or give complete control to the tech inside. The camera captures HD 1080p 30 fps video or 8mp still photos. Users can record continuous footage for up to three hours with each charge. Then, using the Auto-editor — one of the companion apps — the camera selects the best footage from the reel and creates a final cut of video. The user can specify length and even set it to a piece of music or opt to combine footage from two or more separate cameras.


Graava can be used to film sports are other past-times. It is designed to easily attach to bike handlebars, a helmet or even clip beind the user’s ear. The camera is currently for sale online for an early bird price of USD 249, it is expected to retail for USD 399. What other factors could smart cameras take into account when selecting footage?



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