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Fitness clothing monitor

Smart clothing monitors the wearer’s heartbeat

Sport & Fitness

A clothing range has built-in sensors to track heart activity which can be sent to any smartphone device.

With the fitness industry becoming more and more popular, people are becoming increasingly health conscious. Special attention is often placed on heart rate as a measure for health and fitness. We have already seen innovative ways to measure this function. For example, the American engineers who developed a touch-free method to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and breath rate. These engineers found a way to measure these vital signs from a distance. This means that they don’t need to wake up patients to gather this data. It also enables them to measure multiple user’s vital signs simultaneously. Another such innovation is the wearable which tracks and dissipates stress. Monitoring the wearer’s heart rate, amongst other factors, is a key means to track the wearer’s stress levels. Now, Emglare has gone a step further and created smart clothing with inbuilt sensors. These track the wearer’s heart rate in real time.

The clothing line currently consists of standard bras and sports bras for women. They also provide an undershirt and sports shirt for men. All of these items can charge wirelessly. This makes it easy and convenient for users to measure their heart rate whatever their activity. The clothing is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Users have to connect the smart clothes to the mobile app to receive the data. Once connected, users can access a wide range of information. The app displays heart statistics daily and weekly and shows the current state of the heart. Moreover, the application sends a notification if a higher heart rate than usual is detected. The app also informs doctors, friends or family of this occurrence. Users are able to specify their privacy preferences regarding this information. The app stores the data, making it easy for users to browse their ECG history.




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