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Smart condom ring tracks quality of intercourse

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A UK-based condom brand has launched a condom ring that measures performance in the bedroom.

Back in 2014, we wrote about this company that was giving mums a way to broach the subject of sex, with condoms that offer a tongue-in-cheek, motherly warning to young users. Now i.Con allows users to actively measure and improve their sexual performance.

Released by British Condoms, the i.Con is a smart condom ring that uses technology to track the quality of intercourse. The product is infused with nano-chips and sensors that detect how many calories the wearer was able to burn during sexual intercourse, the speed, velocity and number of thrusts, and the frequency and total duration of sessions. The ring even measures girth measurements, average skin temperature and different positions used. The ring sits over a condom at the base and can be used multiple times. It is water resistant, lightweight and can be worn in conjunction with any condom. Users can download the accompanying app which is paired to the device using Bluetooth technology to access data from their last session. All data is kept anonymous, but users have the option to share their recent performance with friends or anonymously access statistics to compare with i.Con users worldwide.

Retailing at GBP 59.99, the i.Con is aimed at those who are looking to measure their performance and improve it over time. Are there other taboo areas that could benefit from performance tracking devices?



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