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Smart, connected bra monitors hearts in real time

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Bloomer tech’s smart, connected bra features washable, flexible circuits that monitor the user’s heart health in real time.

We’ve previously seen how bras have been used as wearable health devices, helping users detect breast cancer or the onset of a heart attack, and the latest development we’ve seen is aiming to keep users abreast of their heart health.

Bloomer Tech, believing that users can be put of by wearing additional health monitoring wearables, have developed washable, flexible circuits designed to fit seamlessly into everyday clothing. Their first product is a fully connected bra, featuring sensors that monitor various aspects of the user’s heart physiology. Connected to an app via bluetooth, this data is accessible to the user in real time. While still in the development phase, the team, who collaborate with MIT School of Engineering among others, believe their circuits and sensors could be adapted to fit many different items of clothing.

How else can health wearables be made more inconspicuous for ease of use?



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