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Smart cooking | Photo source The Hestan Cue

Smart cooking system could make master chefs of us all

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For those who always forget to take the pan off the boil in time, the Hestan Cue system could revolutionise home cooking whilst training people to become better cooks.

The Hestan Cue system connects app based recipes with the cooker and pans to ensure that instructions are followed to the letter and that accurate timings and heating requirements can be achieved by the relatively uninitiated. The system uses a smartphone based app full of menus and instructions. This app then communicates directly with the burner and other cookware via Bluetooth. This way the food is kept at exactly the right temperature for exactly the right time, even if the chef has dozed off.

The app aims at building its users to cooking mastery and teaches such expert techniques as searing, sautéing, shallow poaching and pan roasting. With recipes written by Michelin-starred chefs, the Hestan Cue system could be the ultimate way to impress dinner guests.

Hestan has been making quality cookware for decades. Now it’s bringing hi-tech to its famous pans and cookers. “It’s not about adding technology for technology’s sake, it’s about adding support and augmenting the experience that makes you a better cook – empowering you to try new things that you didn’t dare to cook before.” Says Christoph Milz, Managing Director of Hestan Smart Cooking.

We’ve seen a crib that does the rocking for parents and the mini robots that turn out the lights. One is left wondering what other forms of household chores the Internet of Things could help us perfect?





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