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A new community being built in Texas will incorporate 5G from the ground up.

Here at Springwise, we have covered a number of ways in which the Internet of Things is being incorporated into city infrastructure. These include an IoT-based parking system and Bluetooth-equipped pavement. Now, a community under construction outside Dallas stands poised to become a “connected community”.

The 242-acre development, dubbed Frisco Station, is being constructed by developer Hillwood, with the assistance of Dallas-based AT&T. The estimated construction time for the development is between seven to 10 years. The 1.5 billion USD community will incorporate 5G infrastructure from the ground up. Other smart features include wireless micro-cells, fibre internet and wifi in all common areas.

In the future, ultra-fast 5G connections will be important for allowing connected autonomous vehicles and greater use of IoT, however scientists suggest that careful consideration should be given to the health and safety risks connected to 5G. Retrofitting 5G infrastructure into existing cities is very expensive, since it requires installation of small cells throughout an entire city. Frisco Station, however, has the advantage of being able to integrate small cells from the ground up. The city is also hosting tests of an autonomous shuttle run by California-based In addition, Uber has proposed using the city as a base for its Skyport air shuttle.

When completed, the city will be able to accommodate a daytime population of 15,000, and 3,500 permanent residents. There will also be around five million square feet of office space. The development aims to promote activity and individual well-being, with a number of trails and 30 acres of programmable, interactive open spaces.




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