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Smart device translates tail wags into chinwags

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DogStar’s smart TailTalk device measures tail wag frequency and directionality to help owners understand their pets’ emotional needs.

The tech-pet industry never ceases to delight — we’ve seen everything from cat selfie feeding devices that tracks health, to geofencing LED dog collars. Now, DogStar’s aptly named TailTalk will help owners understand their furry pals’ emotions.


Clipped on dog’s tails, the device monitors tail wag frequency and directionality to help owners better understand the range of emotions their dogs experience. According to DogStar’s website: “Tail wagging is asymmetric and includes complex emotional signals the human eye can’t recognize.” Based on the latest in canine neuroscience, an associated app translates tail wagging in real-time, notifying the owners when dogs are experiencing extremes of happiness or anxiety. Owners can also see how their dog copes when they aren’t around, such as when the dog walker picks them up. TailTalk makes socializing easier too, by connecting users to form a ‘best friends’ network. The device has been thoroughly tested to ensure dog comfort — it has a lightweight yet robust design that most dogs won’t even register.


DogStar is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Could pet-tracker apps be used by vets to understand pet health?



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