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Smart climbing coach | Photo source Pixabay

Smart climbing coach maps performance and gives training

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The Whipper is Mbientlab’s clip-on fitness tracker, which sends information on pace, vertical feet, effort and more directly to climbers' smartphones.

Developed by climbers for climbers, Mbientlab says the Whipper is the world’s first smart climbing tracker and personal coach app. Designed to be useful for climbers of all skill levels, the Whipper uses motion and pressure sensors to gather data that includes pace, form, height, incline and energy expended.

The Whipper can be used indoors or outdoors, and the smart coach feature analyzes information from each climb. The coach then provides tailored, performance-based advice and suggestions for additional exercises and goals. The app also includes a variety of social tools that help climbers share information, set each other challenges, find a belay partner and plan the next big trip.

Available to early backers for a special launch price, the Whipper team recently started an Indiegogo campaign and is looking for beta testers. And as an added incentive to investors, Mbientlab will donate USD 1 to the AccessFund for every 1000 feet climbed by a Whipper user.

Wearable fitness trackers are now available for almost all aspects of physical activity, from smart socks for runners that monitor form to sensor strips that test sweat and provide biofeedback. Are there any underserved sports that could benefit from a wearable motion sensor that monitors fitness and performance?



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