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Smart fitting room mirror tells customers their bra size


The Hong Kong branch of Rigby and Peller is using a smart fitting room mirror to help customers work out their ideal bra size.

For many women, especially young ones, being fitted for a bra is an embarrassing experience that they seek to avoid, often resolving to buying ill-fitted lingerie instead. Now, a Hong Kong branch of lingerie store Rigby and Peller is offering a high-tech alternative via their smart mirror, which scans the customer in the fitting room and calculates their ideal bra size.

To begin, customers stand front of the changing room mirror and hold their arms out. Then, they rotate slowly, turning 360 degrees, while the inbuilt camera takes 140 body measurements. The technology then calculates the customer’s ideal bra size, giving them a unique shape ID.

We recently saw Uniqlo using a smart mirror to demonstrate the heating capacity of its Heattech clothing line. How else could smart mirrors be used to enhance consumer’s bricks and mortar shopping experience?



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