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Smart glove uses online gaming for rehabilitation

Sport & Fitness

Using wearable gaming technology, South Korean company NEOFECT’s system aids rehabilitation and provides clinicians with real-time patient data.

We have seen wearables gamify physical activity for therapy and exercise. Now the RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation from NEOFECT will use gaming in virtual 3D space to help those recovering from a stroke.

With Bluetooth wireless capability enabling full freedom of movement, the RAPAEL Smart Glove uses online play and repetitive motions for physical rehabilitation. Games include catching and moving a butterfly, filling a wine glass, fishing, baking cupcakes and turning the pages of a book.

Designed for use by all ages, from older people recovering from a stroke to children with central nervous disorders such as cerebral palsy, the Smart Glove measures detailed movements of the forearms, wrists and fingers. The RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation System supplies clinicians with real-time, quantitative data, allowing for regular and immediate adjustments to the level of difficulty of each session and game. The system could also be used to provide remote rehabilitation care.

While no date has been set for release of the Smart Glove, NEOFECT has filed patents for the device and is already developing prototypes of two additional devices, both for use with a larger range of movements in the elbow and shoulder.

With an ageing worldwide population, what other areas of health care could wearable tech and gaming be used?



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