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Smart home remote captures favorite home ‘scenes'

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The Savant system stores user preferences for multiple smart appliances, recreating instant ‘scenes’ around the home.

Smart home tech such as Zuli presence, which makes appliances auto-adjust when users walk into a room, creates an idealized environment without them having to do anything. The Savant system is offering similarly seamless comfort with a master remote for smart appliances that can screenshot users’ favorite settings.

Users can sync up to thousands of smart appliances to the Savant host, and control them via the remote or app. When they’ve found the perfect cluster of settings, Savant can capture this as a ‘scene’. Say the user enjoys the lights dimmed, the heating on and their apple TV set to the news when they come home from work, those settings can be captured and replicated every evening. The system can also be voice-activated, so saying “Goodnight” turns off all the devices, and commanding “Netflix and chill” means, well, exactly that.


The Savant host and remote are priced at USD 499. Could scene-setting technology find a place in the workspace too?



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