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Smart e-paper meeting room sign syncs with office calendars

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Visionect's Joan Meeting Room Assistant is a smart, e-ink touch display for labeling conference rooms that is also energy efficient.

Many digital signs use LCD display, which can be energy intensive. Visionect aims to change this with a greener digital meeting room sign that uses 99 percent less energy than conventional displays.


The developer’s signage technology — the Joan Meeting Room Assistant — uses electronic paper, much like e-books, which reflects light like paper rather than being backlit. The wireless label is easy to install, requires no cables and can integrate with existing calendars such as Office 365 and Google Apps. It displays meeting room availability and allows for booking on the spot. The device can last up to three months on a single battery charge, and won the Eco-Design and Sustainability Innovation Award at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

We have already written about Visionect’s smart, eco-friendly, wireless road signs in Sydney. Where else can eink signs be used?



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