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Smart menstrual cup keeps users informed

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LOONCUP is a reusable, Bluetooth enabled menstrual cup that keeps women informed of their monthly cycles.

“You can’t avoid your period, so let’s make it better together!” So goes the mission statement for LOONCUP, creators of the world’s first smart menstrual cup.

LOONCUP believes that understanding their periods can help women keep track of their overall health. The reusable cup has a discrete built-in sensor that connects to a companion app via Bluetooth. Throughout the user’s menstrual cycle, the app receives information about flow-rate, fluid color and how full the cup is — a countdown timer is included to inform women of when the cup will need to be emptied. The cup is then simply hand-washed and reused. By storing data each month, the LOONCUP learns when the user’s period is about to begin and alerts them to prepare. The cup is made of medical grade silicon, making it comfortable, easy to insert, and reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampon use. The battery is sealed within the cup to prevent leakage, giving each cup a 6-month lifespan. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter and launching in January 2016, LOONCUP also plan to expand their device’s medical usage, offering cups to track hemoglobin levels in anaemia and blood sugar levels for diabetics.




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