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Smart mirror | Photo source Pexels

Smart mirror acts as users’ personal makeup assistant

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Smart mirror allows consumers to watch beauty tutorials whilst applying their makeup

With society’s high beauty standards, it is unsurprising that companies have taken advantage of the growing makeup industry, creating innovative ways to facilitate people’s morning routine. We have seen an example of this when the French brand Sephora provided beauty classes to help prepare women for job interviews across the United States. Similarly, the professional hair care brand Indola started a scheme where consumers could access tutorials and beauty tips by scanning the product packaging. The smart makeup assistant MORROR goes one step further, offering users immediate access to various face-care tutorials.

The mirror aims to redefine the way in which consumers approach their beauty regimes, doubling as a mirror and personal makeup assistant. MORROR features a smart display which can be turned on and off via a touch screen panel. The mirror plays a variety of videos, such as facial massage and makeup tutorials. By showing the videos directly on the mirror’s screen, users need not look constantly from their smartphone to the mirror and back again. Moreover, it is possible to schedule when the owner wants to do a facial massage.

The mirror also boasts a pro-lux light system which is designed to show every detail of the user’s face. The system is made from 38 LED lights which simulates natural light and is controlled by a smart chip. The mirror also features a home screen which shows useful information such as the weather, time and humidity. Using the clock feature users can set a timer to ensure they won’t be late. The design of MORROR is user-friendly, wireless and with blast resistant glass, making it safer than traditional mirrors.

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the company hopes to begin shipping the product in May. How else could unique technology such as this help people speed up their daily routine? What other innovative creations could become a part of daily life?



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