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Smart mirror

Smart mirror recommends products for user's skin type

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A new smart mirror can analyse the users’ face for blemishes, and then recommend products to correct them.

At Springwise, we have seen the development of smart devices in an increasing number of areas. These include air vents that can adapt to the weather and smart caption glasses that can sync with theatre shows. Now, Taiwanese electronics company HiMirror has come up with a way to combine smart technology and sales.

The company’s new HiMirror Mini Premium is a smart mirror that not only shows users their reflection, but can also analyse their appearance, and advise on how to improve it. The mirror includes a camera and an ‘analysis engine’. This can detect elements such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark or red spots, rough skin, large pores, complexion issues and dryness. Users can also connect to an interface called My Beauty Box. This allows users to scan and track all their skincare products to see which ones are improving their skin and which are not. The app will also recommend products based on the weather and the specific skin issues it has found. The recommended products are generated from Amazon, SkinSAFE, and the HiMirror databases.

The mirror can also link to users’ Google calendar, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. According to HiMirror CEO Simon Chen, the idea for the smart mirror came to him as a way to find a technology his wife could “relate to, something that would make her go wow”. The company has not released details of how the mirror arrives at its product recommendations or whether products can pay to be recommended. The first HiMirror Mini Premiums will cost 300 USD or 239 GBP.



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