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Smart mouthguard helps athletes improve performance and safety


Sensors in the mouthguard collect data on performance and injuries

Spotted: UK-based startup ORB Innovations has developed a smart mouthguard to improve athlete performance and reduce injuries. The smartguard uses sensors to collect biodata in real time. It fits in an athlete’s mouth like a regular mouthguard. The difference is that it uses custom-made circuit boards and software to collect data on an athlete’s performance. The sensors measure half a million data points every minute.

It is designed for rugby but monitors three factors that affect all athletes: fitness, fatigue and effort. The smartguard is unique because it collects data in real time on the pitch. Coaches can use the data to know when athletes are too tired to perform. Data could also help identify concussions at the point of occurrence on the pitch as well as predict and help prevent stress-induced injuries.




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