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Smart plant wall purifies indoor air

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Finland-based Naava has developed a remotely-monitored smart wall of plants that constantly purifies indoor air, providing spaces with a fresh, clean supply.

Building on research done by NASA, Finnish company Naava has developed a proprietary operating system for remote management of a smart wall of plants. The wall provides a constant stream of clean air and requires little to no management from the owner. The company provides a full maintenance service and uses an artificial intelligence (AI) operating system to maximize the benefits of each installation.

With an online design guide, the plant walls are easily customized to the available space, budget and even plant color preferences. All plants used in the walls are allergy-free, and the roots sit in non-organic material, meaning no soil is needed. Microbes in the growth material enhance roots’ natural cleaning capabilities, meaning that the wall is always on and produces even more clean air than the plants would otherwise be able to. Sensors in the wall monitor the system, automatically adjusting airflow, water and light as needed, and the AI adapts to satellite weather data for each location.

Organic material is being used in sustainable solutions across an impressive range of industries. Hydroponic farming is making vegetable and herb cultivation available to city-dwellers working with extremely limited space. Waste products from citrus producers are being turned into industrial water purifiers that even produce additional value through reclaimed metals. How else could the aspects of life that are missing organic materials incorporate nature for sustainable improvements?




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