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Smart remote knows what it's being pointed at


Sevenhugs' contextual remote will recognize smart objects and control them through wifi.

As the number of smarthome products grow, we’re seeing more devices aiming to offer master control, such as this remote that can create ‘scenes’. A new remote by Sevenhugs will provide point-and-shoot control for a range of devices.

The remote will recognize smart objects around the room and control them via wifi. Sevenhug’s system uses three socket plugs placed around the room to establish spatial context, so that once the remote is calibrated, it will auto-adjust to each space and control devices via point-and-shoot. Sevenhugs’s prototype is so far capable of controlling Sonos speakers and Phillips Hue lights, and the team plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in early 2016.

With a growing number of products joining the IoT revolution, could apps give smartphones contextual control, too?



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