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Smart scale sends alert when gas running low

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Many countries in Latin America power their appliances with propane gas. Now, with Mabe’s Gascale, can order refills before running out completely.

With millions of Latin American homes and appliances powered by propane gas, running out at inopportune times is common. The cylinders that the gas is delivered in have no way of monitoring the level of the contents — until now, that is. Mexico-based Mabe, a leading manufacturer of gas stoves in Latin America, recently introduced the Gascale. A smart, digital scale, the Gascale converts the weight of the gas cylinder into a percentage of gas. When the percentage drops to a certain level, the scale sends an alert to the app.

When a user accepts the alert, the gas company is notified and schedules delivery of a replacement. The Gascale is free with the purchase of any Mabe gas-powered product, and the app is currently available for Android devices.

Technology is helping consumers avoid running out of essentials in a variety of ways. This smart fridge cam alerts owners when products are nearly gone or close to expiration, and this smart scheduler manages even the most complicated pill routines. How could subscription services link up with similar systems to keep waste to a minimum?



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