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This piece of wearable tech will help basketballers shoot more hoops

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Vibrado is a wearable sleeve that can tell players where they're going wrong with their hoop shoots.

Getting into the NBA requires more than just skill – it takes a lot of dedication, passion and creativity. However, having a little help in the skill department can’t be a bad thing. Vibrado is a wearable sleeve that can tell players where they’re going wrong with their hoop shoots.

Looking much like the sleeves already worn by professionals such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, the Vibrado differs in that it is fitted with accelerometers that can detect the exact angle, arc and momentum of the arm as the wearer goes for a shot. The sleeve also features lights and beepers that instantly make players aware when they’ve made a mistake. If they have, they can then check their smartphone to get more detailed stats on how their technique compares to the ideal movements required for each shot. The video below from New Scientist explains more about the innovation:

Although it can’t guarantee to turn any player into a professional baller, the Vibrado could help both amateurs and NBA stars to refine their game by receiving quick and accurate feedback on their play. With wearable tech becoming an industry in itself, could we see this kind of thing pop up in sports across the board?

Spotted by Wesley Robison, written by Springwise



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