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Smart sock brings continuous baby monitoring into the home

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The Owlet is a wearable sock that delivers data to parents about their baby's health.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent covereage of Croatia’s Teddy the Guardian – a soft toy with hidden sensors that monitor babies’ vitals. Offering a similar service, the Owlet is a wearable sock that delivers data to parents about their baby’s health.

Designed to be worn around the foot of the child without restricting movement, the sock features sensors that can detect the heartrate, body temperature and breathing patterns. This data is then sent over wifi to parents’ smartphones, where the Owlet app presents it as easy-to-read graphical information. The app also alerts users when their child has rolled over onto their front, which can obstruct their breathing. The information can also be tracked over time, enabling parents to see the quality of their child’s sleeping patterns over time.

The Owlet monitors retail for USD 250 and could help parents to keep better informed about their child’s behavior and health, as well as detect problems before they become visibly apparent. Are there other ways parents can be helped to track their children while they’re away from them?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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