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This truly smart suitcase could be the end of airport headaches

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Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Bluesmart is a truly intelligent suitcase with digital locking, location tracking, and self-weighing capabilties.

Aside from getting you from A to B in the shortest time possible, airlines can often seem like they’re working to annoy travelers as much as possible, and never more so than when it comes to luggage. Regular travelers will be all too familiar with oversize fees, lost bags or the TSA rummaging through their belongings. Innovations such as the hop! suitcase have enabled passengers to keep track of their luggage, and even get it to follow them automatically. But a new Indiegogo campaign called Bluesmart is now offering a truly intelligent suitcase with digital locking, location tracking, and self-weighing capabilties.

The carry-on suitcase comes equipped with a range of features that aim to make plane trips a little easier. After connecting it to the companion smartphone app, users can securely lock and unlock it using their device. Only those with the smartphone will be able to open it, although owners can decide to pass on the code to give access to their fellow travelers. It also automatically locks when it moves a preset distance out of the range of its owner.

Before arriving at the airport, passengers can check that they’re not going to be charged for extra weight by using the built-in scale. Users simply pull the handle of the Bluesmart suitcase and the app will display its exact weight.

A GPS locators enables owners to ensure their suitcase has arrived with them when they land, and will let them know where it is if not. Using the same function, owners can also track their travel history through the app, which details the locations they’ve visited. Finally, owners can also charge your phone up to 6 times through the built-in battery.

Watch the video below to see the Bluesmart suitcase in action:

The Bluesmart Indiegogo campaign has already reached more than 10 times its original funding target of USD 50,000, but backers can still pre-order the suitcase from USD 235 until the campaign ends on 24 November. Are there more products that can become much more useful with the addition of new technology?




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