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Smart dampener

Smart tennis dampener coaches and analyzes play


Designed for use by players of all skill levels, a new device monitors 20 metrics including strokes, footwork and fitness and provides personalized coaching tips.

A common component to any players’ kit, the tennis dampener reduces the pinging noise the ball makes when it hits the strings of a racquet. Now, San Francisco bay-area technology company Courtmatics is introducing a smart version that provides detailed analysis of the users technique at every session. Made from silicon, the smart dampener is lightweight and attaches in the same way as a traditional version.

Connected to an iOS app, the dampener can be used on both adult and junior rackets. Motion data is captured in a variety of ways, providing extensive information on forehand, backhand, top spin, sweet spot, serve, speed, follow through, steps and more. The company is now taking orders for delivery in February 2018 for the iOS compatible dampener. Each device costs USD 99.

Connected coaching is helping a diversity of students and athletes improve their skills. A digital driving app for learners uses a global positioning system technology to track routes taken, time of day, weather conditions and automatically updates an online logbook after every session. A clip-on fitness tracker for climbers uses motion and pressure sensors to gather data that includes pace, form, height, incline and energy expended. How might connected smart coaching help sports teams when members are in different locations or during the off-season?




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