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Smart toothbrush and dental plan combo rewards good habits

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Beam uses a smart toothbrush, an app and a network of dentists to encourage preventative care by rewarding good habits.

As with most healthcare areas, preventative care is the most effective solution in dentistry. However, dentists currently earn their living by fixing dental problems after a cavity or decay has occured. Now, Ohio-based startup Beam wants to help change that through affordable insurance, a range of oral care products, an app and a network of dentists.

We have seen number of insurance companies rewarding customers for their healthy habits. Beam works on that same principle that healthier patients benefit everyone. The dental plans are available for individuals or businesses, who can enroll their employees in the scheme.


Every customer receives a preventative care kit — including a smart electric toothbrush, floss and toothpaste — and is signed up to the Beam Brush app. The brush and app connect via Bluetooth, and combined enable patients, their employers and their dentist to monitor brushing habits. Good habits are rewarded via the StarCard, which gives the user stars that can be traded for replacement brush heads or cash back on the plan. Beam has also partnered with 95,000 dentists across the US and users can schedule appointments via the app and get a discount on treatment of up to 50 percent for them and their family.

Could other specialist healthcare providers adopt a similar business model?



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