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Smart trashcan hybrid vacuums up dirt

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Bruno is a trashcan and vacuum in one, with a companion app that lets users know when its rubbish day or if they are low on bags.

Taking out the trash is one of those chores that most people put off for as long as possible, but Bruno — the world’s first smart trashcan — is here to make rubbish duty that little bit less unpleasant. The bluetooth connected device provides notifications via a companion app, and will vacuum up debris swept in front of it.

Bruno is a trashcan and vacuum in one with a hands free lid, and a trash bag storage pod. It features a powerful vortex vacuum which sucks up dirt directly into the trash bag, eliminating the need for a dustpan. It also sends alerts to users via an app, letting them know when they are low on bags and reminding them to take out the trash.

Bruno recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign and is available for pre-order from USD 159 in various colors. We have written about a smart oven that knows what’s inside and how to cook it. What other household appliances could have a smart makeover?



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