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Smart wallet

Smart wallet finds itself and charges your phone


A new smart wallet contains GPS tracking, a camera, battery charger and Wi-Fi capability.

We’ve all been there – reached into a pocket for a wallet that was no longer there. Whether stolen or misplaced, the loss of such an item usually requires a major expenditure of time and energy. However, a wallet now in development may provide some peace of mind. There have already been a wide variety of ‘smart’ innovations, such as smart watches, smart shoes and smart bags, now there is a smart wallet.

The Volterman Smart Wallet is being funded through Indiegogo – reaching its target in just a few hours. The wallet contains a GPS tracking system and camera that can automatically snap a photo of anyone who opens it and email the image to the wallet’s owner. Users will be able to track the Volterman down, but also have a photo of the thief. If it is merely misplaced, the Volterman can pair with the user’s phone over Bluetooth, so that the phone has alarm capabilities. Similarly, the Volterman sends alarm signals if the user leaves the phone behind. Volterman’s chief technical officer found inspiration for the wallet after his 3-year-old daughter hid his wallet. He only found said item after spending month reissuing all the documents.

The Volterman also takes functionality several steps further – it contains a built-in battery charger, which can charge the phone wirelessly, and can itself be charged wirelessly by an optional leather charging pad (as well as by cable), it has 3G connectivity to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and in-built RFID protection against data reading and identity theft. It is fully compatible with both iOS and Android and comes in three styles – bifold, cardholder and travel. The wallets will be available in both Nappa leather and in a vegan (faux leather) option. At only 0.43 inch thick and just over four ounces, the Volterman is a similar size to traditional wallets. The company is taking orders through Indiegogo until the end of July 2017, and hopes to begin shipping in December. Can a wallet that is also a phone be far behind?




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