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Smartphone-controlled coffee maker wakes you up with the perfect brew

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Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Arist is bringing customized, coffeeshop-quality beverages into the home.

When it comes to coffee, caffeine lovers are very particular about the specifics of their favorite brew. Once they've found a coffeeshop with a consistently good latté, a morning visit becomes part of the daily routine. When there's too much of a rush to enjoy barista-style coffee however, we've previously seen robot vending machines such as Briggo introduce personalization to automated brews, and now the smartphone-controlled Arist lets owners tweak their favorite recipes to perfection at home.

Although it looks like a standard espresso machine, the device can be linked to owners' smartphones to offer a degree of control typically reserved for coffeeshop equipment. The taste of coffee depends on a number of factors — grind size, water temperature, pressure, water flow, ground weight — all of which are typically controlled by a barista. Through the Arist app, consumers can find their perfect brew by tweaking these details, even down to the foaminess of the milk. The app offers a number of preset recipes that owners can try, and if they need extra ingredients they can be ordered through the app. When they've found their favorite coffee, the settings can be saved and the machine will recreate it exactly every time. Owners can even place a cup ready for the morning and activate it from their bed when they wake up.

Watch the video to find out more about how the device works:

The machine is available to pre-order from USD 299 until the campaign ends on 23 November. Are there other ways to make high street quality food and drink at home?




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