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Smartphone technology used for portable ultrasound imaging device

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MobiUS is a smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system that offers a convenient and affordable alternative to conventional ultrasound equipment.

According to US company Mobisante, more than 70 percent of the world’s population are without access to ultrasound devices, usually because they are too expensive and not portable enough. However, with the recently launched MobiUS — a smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system — they hope to offer a convenient and affordable solution. The MobiUS device and abdominal probe are designed to allow medical professionals to take ultrasound images and videos wherever they are, and share information with remote providers via a mobile or wifi network. Measuring 5.1” by 2.75” the device can fit into a pocket, however a version compatible with Windows-based tablets is also in development with a bigger screen and higher image resolution. Users select what type of patient examination is taking place — for example cardiac or vascular — before starting the scan. Ultrasound images can then be adjusted in contrast and intensity, and the software can also calculate measurements and add text. A camera on the phone, meanwhile, can capture external images and video which can be shared via email or saved to a PC. Mobisante believe the device and probe — costing USD 7,495 — will facilitate quicker diagnosis, and will be ideal for disaster relief teams and mobile medical professionals. The video below explains Mobisante in more detail: It should be noted that the MobiUS device cannot be used to make and receive calls or text messages, nor can the probe be used on other smartphone devices. However, there’s plenty of inspiration here for entrepreneurs hoping to make other medical tests more accessible using smartphone technology. Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage



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