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Smoke detector with SMS capabilities


FIRETEXT is a smoke alarm which sends warning text messages when triggered.

With 15 percent of house fires in the UK occurring in vacant properties, leaving the house unoccupied, especially for prolonged periods, can be a worry for some. UK company ELS hope to banish this fear with FIRETEXT, a smoke alarm which sends warning text messages when triggered. ELS Founder, Matthew Newman had his eureka moment when, concerned about his home as he visited relatives abroad, he went to fit a smoke alarm. However, realizing that he still may not know if fire had struck his property until he returned, and unable to get an electric cable through the concrete ceiling, he began work on a battery-powered smoke alarm with SMS capability. With financial support from the East of England Development Agency, he developed FIRETEXT; a stand alone device independent of mains supply, with an integrated GSM module. When the smoke detector goes into alarm, the GSM engine wakes up and sends a warning text to a maximum of four mobile numbers. The FIRETEXT smoke alarm has a 9V Lithium battery that will provide a minimum of 36 continuous activations, and average use should result in a battery life of two to four years. ELS has a vision to “invent technology that could help provide a better quality of life” and has already partnered up with the Alzheimer’s Society and the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to trial the product. A FIRETEXT smoke alarm costs GBP 89.99 and is the launch product of a forthcoming suite of GSM enabled safety and security devices. Any service that can offer consumers increased peace of mind is sure to be welcomed with open arms, particularly when the solution is such a simple one. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs, be inspired! Spotted by: Gabriel Vanduinen



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