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Video stories for kids, read by kids online

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It’s a frustrating fact of life for any parent of young children that a) kids are naturally drawn to computers, and yet b) most of the content online is not suitable for kids. Aiming to provide “a safe online place for kids,” in the site’s own words, is UK-based Smories, which features a broad assortment of short videos featuring kids reading stories for kids aloud. Users of the Smories site can search for new video stories by age group — stories range in suitability from the 3-to-4 age group up to those who are 7 or 8 — or by category, including fairy tales, Aesop’s fables and nursery rhymes. Smories are a maximum of 10 minutes long, and they are accessible online via PC as well as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Authors of new smories can even submit their unpublished stories as a sort of market test, read either by themselves or by children; all copyrights remain with the writer. If the person reading the story is under 17, however, the smory will have its own unique address rather than being publicly viewable through A new, free story is published on every day, the site says. Whether parents like it or not, kids and technology appear to be a match made in heaven; why not help provide a safe place for story-telling? Currently, accepts only stories told in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Afrikaans; one to partner with or emulate for kids in other parts of the world? (Related: Recordable charm for kids plays back a loved one’s voice‘Huggable’ case keeps iPhones safe from kidsRemote (grand)parents read bedtime stories by web videoColour ebook reader for kidsOnline platform for long-distance bedtime storiesPersonalized books starring a child’s favourite toyPersonalized e-stories for kids on iPhone and KindleiPhone app narrates stories for young kidsiPhone game gets kids into the (hidden) parkNarrate-your-own storybook videos.) Spotted by: Murray Orange



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