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Crowdsourced video reviews of dining experiences

Food & Drink

Streethacker is a restaurant review app that allows users to create and share videos of their dining experience.

As the attention span of the average e-shopper wanes, businesses are looking for new ways to hold customer attention and video reviews are gaining ground. Research shows that customers trust reviews from other users more than they do information from the company itself and video reviews have the added advantage of allowing the customer to judge the sincerity of the reviewer. At Springwise we have covered a number of video review innovations recently. In June we looked at a retail app that allows users to scan barcodes and watch 8 second reviews from other customers. And last year, we saw a similar app that uses hashtags instead of barcodes to identify products reviewed. Now, Streethacker allows those eating out to create and upload short videos of their dining experiences.

The videos are 10 seconds long and can include voiceover and text. The technology also allows users to pause and shoot, capturing different scenes from their experience to add interest to their review. Diners can search for reviews by cuisine, restaurant, food and distance. They can also follow other Streethackers, whose tastes align with their own. Those searching the app can ‘heart’ reviews, reminding them to visit a restaurant they like the look of.

The app is available to download from iTunes. Where next for video reviews?


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