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Niche classifieds for sneakerheads

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Dozens of online and print sources are devoted to the subculture of special sneakers. Equal parts community and classifieds site, SneakerListing is a new destination for enthusiasts to buy and sell limited edition footwear. Anyone can sign up for the free service by providing a valid email address, their shoe size and favourite brand. Those who wish to sell simply fill out a description and post a few photos. Users can rate buyers’ and sellers’ past performances. The site was designed to avoid the inefficiencies of posting adverts on forums and the risks of buying fakes from auction sites. SneakerListing is still in beta testing mode, and the administrators are actively encouraging feedback. Integrating an online community with classified services, the site provides a more intelligent, valuable type of trading site. And by attracting a select crowd of footwear aficionados, it also has the potential to draw in lucrative advertising and sponsorship deals. Which niche is next? Spotted by: Margarita Barry



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