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Social media platform is tailored especially for brands

Advertising & Marketing

Tagly is a social media app specifically designed for brands to showcase their content to users.

Brands are constantly trying to find ways to use social media to reach their target market, but now a new social platform is dedicating itself to showcasing content created by brands. Tagly aims to connect users to branded content they love and to help brands to increase their following online.

The platform encourages brands to create content that is directly geared to consumers. Users can sign up to Tagly and customize their experiences by selecting brands to follow and saving their favorite content. The app makes brands a social experience as well, by enabling users to share and chat about content they love. Users can follow a mix of brands, from luxury designers to emerging trends.


The platform is a solution to counter the prohibitive advertising brands often experience on social media channels such as Facebook. Tagly is initially focusing on fashion and lifestyle brands, but hopes to widen its scope in the future.

We’ve already seen a new agency helping brands use live video to reach new users. How else can better use of social media help brands connect and interact with their customers?




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