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Social network for hospital patients connects users via similar interests

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France-based startup Hôpital Affinité wants to connect those with long hospital stays with fellow patients that share the same interests.

When it come to hospital stays – especially lengthy ones – it can make a big difference to help patients feel as comfortable as possible. We recently saw Scotland’s Hospital Passport scheme aim to put children at ease, and now France-based startup Hôpital Affinité wants to connect those in hospital with fellow patients that share similar interests.

Hoping to be implemented in institutions across the country, the startup offers a platform that enables patients to fill out their interests, alongside their time of stay. The service then offers recommendations of current patients who enjoy the same things. Users can chat over the system – on their laptop or smartphone – before viewing a map of the building to find out where their friend’s bed is. Since patients often rely on visits from relatives and friends for company, Hôpital Affinité aims to make patient stays more enjoyable by connecting them with like-minded guests. At the same time, hospitals can also communicate important announcements to their patients through the service.

The startup was recently named the winner of the Doctors 2.0 & You prize and is looking for hospitals to pick up the platform. How else can patients be made more comfortable?

Spotted by: Alexia Maury



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