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Social network with no people generates random scrolling content


Binky has no contributors as such and instead has an endless stream of posts ranging from a photo of sawdust to Diana Ross.

In an era when millennials are infamous for having their smartphone to hand at all times, new social network app Binky has launched to fill the gap in the market for randomised scrolling content. The app is marketed as a social network but has no people contributing unlike similar apps such as Instagram and Twitter. Instead, Binky’s creators claims all users want from their apps is to see new content to scroll from, regardless to what it is.

Binky shows content ranging from photos of birds to Swiss cheese, with each piece of content known as a ‘bink’. Users can like the images but it means nothing, as the app is purely designed to keep your scrolling thumb busy. They can also swipe left and right similar to popular dating apps, and comments can be created for the user with 17 pre-formed suggestions built in.

Weird and wonderful apps are popular as they offer something different in a saturated market. Other mystifying creations include an Uber-style app for funerals in Russia and an app that matches people wanting to escape a bad date. What other solution could disrupt the norms of social media?



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