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Social robot teaches children a foreign language


Built by Flash Robotics, EMYS is an interactive robot capable of expressing emotion and teaching children one word of a foreign language per day.

Helping to make learning fun, as well as providing companionship, Flash Robotics’ social robot EMYS uses its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to play games with children. EMYS has been designed to be teddy-bear cute and moves, speaks and interacts in a number of different ways. The robot uses its AI to express emotions to better understand and connect with children and can recognize and integrate nearby objects into its teaching.

The creators of EMYS believe its effectiveness lies in consistent and regular teaching. By teaching one word a day, a child will be able to learn up to 1000 words of a foreign language, a level of knowledge that should provide for fairly easy conversation. Flash Robotics will be opening their Kickstarter campaign on 28 February 2017.

Social robotics is growing, with each development improving on the previous level of engagement attained. There are robotic personal assistants that also provide home security, and robotic airport guides that direct lost travelers to their destination. How could retailers use social robots in store to improve customer experiences?



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