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Software eases on-boarding process for new employees

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A new HR platform can help organise and ease the on-boarding process.

Companies spend a lot of time and resources to hire the best employees. For fast-growing companies in particular, the on-boarding process is crucial to getting the most out of new employees. It refers to the time spent making sure new employees have all the necessary skills to integrate efficiently. Studies show that around a third of new employees know within their first week if they want to stay long-term at a company. Now, one startup is creating a product that helps companies provide an effective and positive on-boarding process.

Personably uses software to streamline and automate aspects of the on-boarding process. The company focuses on serving fast-growing companies, for whom the on-boarding process can be time-consuming. According to Personably co-founder Katerina Pascoulis, “Onboarding people well sets the tone for their whole experience at the company. So much time and money is spent getting the right person into the role and then companies drop the ball. Personably solves this by giving managers and HR teams a tool to set up the onboarding before someone starts in a more seamless way. It means the new hire is receiving emails throughout their notice period and has things scheduled over their first few months. They feel like they’re already part of the team which is a much better experience.”

Personably’s platform can handle tasks like scheduling training, sending welcome emails, and organising paperwork. All of this might seem like something that can be handled by an HR team, and it can – if the company is hiring a few new people a month. But when adding hundreds of people a month, a system like Personably can make the difference between a happy employee and an employee that spends their first weeks not knowing what to do.

Companies pay a monthly subscription to use Personably’s product. Pricing varies based on the number of hires a company makes. While there are other HR systems available with on-boarding features, Personably claims their platform offers an ability to scale up that other platforms do not offer.

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